Like what you seen below but it's not the right size? Want it in a different finish? Something new altogether? Let's get started designing.

BIND furnishings 
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Hand-crafted furniture is now for sale directly though our temporary online showroom.

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New case studies

the most cost-effective custom solid pine bookshelf

recycling pallet wood into the ultimate home chef's spice rack

The Mission

BIND is shifting its focus from NYC-based construction projects to nationwide interior services, namely a new online furniture line. BIND has observed monumental changes in the way we think about our lives at home and at work this past year. We are excited to play a new role in shaping your life indoors and in the backyard.

Set to launch in 2021, BIND will offer guaranteed high-grade handmade products made with natural, non-toxic materials. Our goal is to establish a one-stop shop for you to furnish your entire home with an eclectic line of mixed-media bedroom, living, and dining pieces, not to mention interior ornaments and exterior furniture.

Why BIND furnishings?

BIND furniture philosophy will be rooted in our experience renovating for a diverse clientele in New York. They all had one major obstacle—quality furniture costs are inflated.

Quality local craftsmanship is becoming a rare commodity. Local makers must compete with fashionable brands offering great low-priced products worldwide. But these products are made in sweat-shops with particle board, plastics, and harmful chemicals. Despite some notable engineering, these items our clients are buying are short-term solutions: their construction is flimsy, the surfaces easily damage and are difficult to maintain, and there is no story.

As BIND approaches the drawing board, we are dedicating ourselves to the following tenets:


Local fabrication with domestic hardwoods, stone, and metals

Products to be handed down for generations

Innovative solutions to streamline your home organization

Eclectic style, timeless design

Non-toxic finishes

All at the right price

Bind Alone White.png


White oak console

$400 plus shipping

White oak on reclaimed factory equipment frame

31-1/2" x 18" top

33-7/8" height

28-1/2" x 15" lower shelf

Domestic white oak was milled down in our shop

Tapered legs were shaped to establish a three-tiered oak theme and subvert the heavy industrial frame with a delicate touch

Frame reclaimed from a derelict american army tank factory in New England

Walnut waterfall coffee table

$1600 plus shipping


Live-edge walnut waterfall table

60" L x 18" W x 20" H

-with a reclaimed steel I-beam leg

-finished with water-based poly



Red oak dining table

$5600 plus shipping

current model sold

Dining table with custom welded trestle frame       108" x 40"        Made with only 3 slabs milled from same tree, rare sizing


Walnut and steel entrance console

$375 plus shipping


Walnut live-edge

Reclaimed steel angle-iron base


33" L x 9.5" W x 31" H


Intended as entrance console

-alternatively can be used in hallways, master bathroom

-center can be used to pile shoes, linens, board games, and etc

Poplar bread-end table

$483 plus shipping

54" L x 30" W x 28" H

Poplar bed w/ art-deco headboard cabinet


$2621 plus shipping


16" H w/ 8" mattress

All dimensions variable

Headboard cabinet

16" W x 40" H

Length based on bedsize

Cabinet reversible,

Door height shrinks as bed-frame is raised

Pickled red oak dining table

$1449 plus shipping

Chalk painted pine frame

w/ polished wax finish

Seats 8-10

94" L x 34" W x 28" H